Strantegic 1: Production of quality graduates under the teaching and learning in modern curriculum according to national and international quality criteria and standards Including being ready to enter the ASEAN community and the global community 

  Strantegic 2: Research to create knowledge and develop innovations that create value or benefit the community and society. 

  Strantegic 3: Being a center of learning and academic services for society in the northeast 

  Strantegic 4: Promotion Capitalizing on culture, customs and local wisdom for sustainable use and incorporating culture at the national and international level. 

  Strantegic 5:  Development of an effective management system And upgrade the university management According to good governance 

  Strantegic 6: Promoting the image of the university to be recognized and developed as an international university 

  Strantegic 7: Green University Development And conserving the environment 

  Corporate values

  • M : MAN Be a human being that has developed the potential to be responsible for oneself and the society as a whole.
  • U : UNITY With unity, help and support.
  • S : SPIRIT Have a spirit of responsibility for oneself and society.
  • I : INTEGRITY Be honest with the duty, organization and nation.
  • C : CREATIVE Be a creative and imagination that is useful for Work for the public.