Topic outline

  • Isan Culture Project : Music

  • Organizing Committee

    Chairman of the Board of Directors Head of the Organizing Committer

          Assistant Professor Dr. Khomkrich Karin,

          (Dean of The College of Music)

     Director Committee Members

          1. Assistant Professor Dr. Peera Phanlukthao

    (Assistant to the President for International Affairs and Global Engagement)

         2. Lecturer Thom Gatewongsa

    (Director of The Research Institute of Northeastern Art and Culture)

         3. Mr. Satit Jekma  

    (Deputy Director of Academic Services and Led Nurturing of Isan Arts and Culture, The Research Institute of Northeastern Art and Culture)

         4. Dr. Santi Singsu

    (Deputy Dean for Inservice and Academic Administration, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts and Cultural Science)

         5. Assistant Professor Dr. Metta Sirisuk

    Deputy Dean for Administration, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts and Cultural Science)

         6. Lecturer Wiparat Khuangthip  

    (Head of Department of Performing Arts, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts and Cultural Science)

          7. Assistant Professor Warakorn Seeyo  

    (Assistant Dean for Procurement of Revenue, College of Music)

         8. Lecturer Arthid Khamhongsa
    (Assistant Dean for Culture, College of Music)

         9. Assistant Professor Akapong Phulayao

    (Lecturer of the College of Music)

     Committee member and Secretary

          Dr. Awirut Thotham

               (Deputy Dean for Administration, College of Music)

    Assistant to the Secretary

          Mr. Yothin Songleknok 

          Ms. Chalita Chawna


           1. Mrs. Surangrat Nuengchaiyoch  

    Head of the Dean’s office, College of Music

           2. Ms. Ratree Sopo

           3. Ms. Areeya Boonmak

           4. Mr. Kirativat Thanapatthuvanan  

           5. Mr. Boonshu Sriviangya

           6. Mr. Sakda Mahaprom

           7.  Mr. Natthanon Phupha


           Dr Anyarat Nattheeraphong

              (Deputy Director for Foreign Language Development, Office of General Education)

  • Project Objective

    •    College of Music, cooperated with  Arts and Culture Research Institute, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts and Cultural Science, Division of Public  and Foreign Affairs and Computer Sciences, Maha Sarakham University for integrating the arts of various humanities and social sciences to present thailand's outstanding Isan arts and culture knowledge to international countries through the form of integrating musical performances. Art & Performance in a theme "Isan" to stimulate the interest of foreigners to look back at Thailand. In particular, The Northeast, where Maha Sarakham University is a center for education  is an agency that is an agency capable of connecting networks to different regions. This will result in Maha Sarakham University being internationally recognized for its local arts and culture.

         Isan Arts & Culture in Thailand has long been inherited from its ancestors through the ways and daily lives that are governed by the rules and regulations known as “Heet Khong Khalam” or “Heet Sibsong Khong Sibsi”, which is a common adherence to Isan society. There are also various ethnic groups in Isan such as Tai Lao, Thai Khmer, Thai Hyor,  Phu Tai and etc. This creates different languages and cultures in the whole way of living in each community. Traditions and cultural arts that have inherited from the ancestors are distinguished by different characteristics. Each month of the year, the traditional merits consist of a way of life that has been practiced in the past, and there must always be a merit show like a musical performance, dancing and decoration of the place through the unique art forms of art are featured by Isan people of different ethnic groups. This varies from community to community.

         Thus, the International Arts and Culture Preservation Program for fiscal year 2022 under the project name “Isan Culture  : Music, Art, and Performing Art Under The Change of The World” in the theme of “Nakhorn Jampasri” by integrating the units between the agencies within Mahasarakham university as mentioned above to meet the university's policy of advancing to the top Asian universities. And to continue the arts and culture of the local area in a sustainable way. 


        泰国的伊桑艺术与文化被称为“SheetKhongKhalam”或“Sheet Sibsong Khong Sibsi”它们从其祖先那里继承下来,这是伊桑地区人们的文化文化基础。伊桑地区也有不同的民族,如泰老族、泰高棉族、泰孝族、富泰族等因此,在每个社区的生活过程中创造了不同的语言和文化。从祖先那里继承下来的传统和文化艺术有着其独特的特点,例如,一年中的每个月,传统的功德都是由过去的生活方式所遗传下来的的,如功德表演,在这场表演中,有如音乐表演、舞蹈和装饰等众多项目,通过不同民族的伊桑人所特有的独特艺术形式来装饰这个社区,造就了多元文化。

        因此2022年的国际艺术和文化保护计划项目-“伊桑文化:世界变化下的音乐、艺术和表演艺术”,主题为“Nakhorn Jampasri”,通过整合马哈萨拉坎大学内各学院的资源,以满足该校向亚洲顶尖大学迈进,以可持续的方式延续当地的艺术和文化。

  • Performance Details

    •    In the theme of “Nakhorn Jampasri”, this performance including creating and arranging music to perform together with dance and panting on the stage. The story of this will narrate the history of Nakhorn Jampasri in the past to the moment with the daily live of Isan people. Music, Dance and Panting will be perform at the same time on the stage for fifteen minutes. Then after, will be discussion dialogue and also questioning to the project by the project leader and team.

         本次演出以“Nakhorn Jampasri”为主题,包括创作和音乐、舞蹈和绘画一起表演。这个故事将以伊桑人的日常生活来叙述Nakhorn Jampasri的过去到现在的历史。音乐、舞蹈和绘画将同时在舞台上表演15分钟。之后,项目负责人和团队将进行讨论,并对项目进行提问。

  • Musicians

    • Musicians

         1. Mr. Weerapong Chandee  (Isan instrument)

         2. Mr. Nuttaphong Suphan (Isan instrument)

         3. Mr. Nitirat Phandej (Isan instrument)

         4. Mr. Patipat Prasertsang (Isan instrument)

         5. Mr. Kathathong Seehawong (Isan instrument)

         6. Mr. Siriphan Mahachai (Isan instrument)

         7. Mr. Sarawut Yaworn (Isan instrument)

         8. Mr. Wittaya Chanmala (Isan instrument)

         9. Mr. Napat Ruamsuk (Isan instrument)

         10. Mr. Chonlachat Tubkammoon (Isan instrument)

         11. Mr. Supakit Wongchang (Isan instrument)

         12. Mr. Kittichai Phewpui (Keyboard)

      Composer and Arranger

         Asst. Prof. Akapong Phulaiyaw (Piano)


         1. Mr. Pranote Sriworakul

         2. Ms. Siriprapa Thongsri 

         3. Ms.Thanawan Homklang 

         4. Ms.Nong yan ya

         5. Ms. Dusita Phaorang 

         6. Ms. Jiraporn Daorueang 

         7. Ms. Koonsatree Pinsee 


         1. Asst. Prof. Dr. Peera Phanlukthao 

         2. Mr.katawut Mapong


          1. Mr. Supawat Thonglamul

          2. Dr.santi singsu

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